Our Approach

We are licensed psychologists, trained and experienced in working with individuals and couples presenting with a wide range of challenges.  Our approaches to therapy, counseling and coaching are sensitive, hopeful and active and are focused on increasing awareness and understanding, resolving problems, and improving relationships.  While on the surface many people suffer from similar symptoms or problems, it is clear to us that people can progress only when their unique experiences and backgrounds are valued and attended to carefully.  

At the Center for Self Development, we offer a safe, attentive, private and professional atmosphere where our clients have the opportunity to understand and address their personal and relational challenges.  We are comfortable discussing difficult topics and know that it is crucial for our clients to gain our trust.  We are honest, engaging, hopeful people and are dedicated to helping our clients optimize their creativity, productivity, satisfaction in relationships, and overall happiness. If you are interested in getting started in therapy, counseling and coaching, please contact us.