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Couples, marital, marriage counseling and therapy:
Couples counseling or therapy involves processing and overcoming the obstacles that impede full and loving relationships.  With the therapist/counselor, the couple comes to view honestly the ways they are interacting with each other and the reasons they are relating to each other in this fashion.  Once these patterns are recognized and the origins of them are understood, the couple can work on replacing their negative behaviors and feelings toward one another with more loving ones.  In other words, couples therapy / counseling increases awareness of the origins of unhealthy relating as well as provides skills to improve the style of relating. 

Couples are encouraged to describe honestly the nature of their difficulties or areas where they feel they need to grow.  Over time, therapy / counseling can help the couple develop an increased attunement to and love for each other.  Some of the areas we have helped couples with include: effective and respectful communication; increased physical and emotional intimacy; conflict resolution; life transitions; extended family issues; reconciling parenting styles; identity crises.

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Individual counseling and therapy:
When patterns of the mind and behavior are brought to light and understood more fully and openly, they often cease to be repeated and alternative, healthier ways of feeling and behaving may emerge. The result is often a positive change in feelings and thoughts about the self, a resolution of symptoms or improvement in symptoms, an increase in security and fulfillment in relationships, and a more creative, meaningful and productive life.  We offer a safe place for you to uncover and resolve that which may be stifling your growth and wellbeing.

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